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  • Mergers and acquisitions 11.08.2017

    Een volmacht om te besturen


    Mag een aandeelhouder-bestuurder buiten de algemene vergadering van aandeelhouders om zijn bestuurstaken op basis van een volmacht aan een derde overdragen?...

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  • Procurement image 14.06.2017

    Guide to the EU public procurement rules

    This Guide provides an overview of the EU public procurement rules. These are the set of EU rules that require the advertising and competitive tendering...

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  • Scanned barcode image 16.05.2017

    E-Commerce Sector Inquiry 2017

    On 10 May 2017 the European Commission finalised its two-year antitrust sector inquiry into e-commerce and published its findings in a 300 page working...

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  • MA-Study-2017-thumbnail 27.03.2017

    CMS European M&A Study 2017

    In geopolitical terms, there has been nothing to compare with 2016 since the end of the Cold War. Neither Brexit nor the election of President Trump was...

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